August 13, 2018

Review Land - Sanrenmu 8103 vs 9103

Review Land-Sanrenmu 8103 VS 9103


You already know that one of the most mythical knives of Sanrenmu has been 710/7010, and if you follow the history of quality chinese brands, you will also know that one of the most overwhelming successes of Land-Sanrenmu has been the 910+, followed for its versions with "frame lock" and full body in steel 9103 and 9104.

After the overwhelming success of models 9103 and 9104, there were people who asked for a knife like this one, but in a more measured size, Sanrenmu heard the supplications and here we have it ...

Exterior design and appearance

There is no doubt that the 8103 is based on the 9103, at first glance it looks like the same knife, but on a smaller scale. But it is not exactly like that, now we will analyze it. First of all, remember that versions 8103 and 9103 are in gray and 8104 and 9104 in dark color, being otherwise the same.

August 6, 2018

Review Sanrenmu S725

Review  Sanrenmu S725


Sanrenmu is one of the chinese companies with the highest reputation in cutlery, that's not new. And it has many models of knives wanted by the public, but it has always had a problem with those that we have liked pieces of good size and it is that it has used to manufacture until now knives of small or medium size almost always.

A few years ago, i thought that given the quality of Sanrenmu, it should try to make knives, which would be great to see. That moment has arrived...

So far, among the knives that have been released lately, the one i liked the most was the S625, but it suffered from the usual, a small size, but when i saw that there was a bigger version i went for it, the S725...

Exterior design and appearance

The first thing i have to say is that there are several new Sanrenmu knives that attract me, but this is the one i most wanted to try, the big version of the S625, which is the S725.

The S725 comes in military green and black, curiously the S625 only sold in green, blue and brown.

It is a full tang knife with an anatomical handle, with a large blade width and huge guard that comes from the blade itself. I love her aesthetics.

August 1, 2018

Review CH 3504

Review  CH 3504


Today we are going to see a special folder knife for several reasons, the first one is that we launch a brand on the blog, specifically we are talking about the CH brand.

We all know already at this point of the magnificent pieces that have offered us brands like Ganzo, Sanrenmu... that fall within the category of good quality chinese brands at very contained prices. But among the chinese brands there are beginning to be some more "premium", with a somewhat higher price but increasing its quality as well. CH is one of them, let's see what this premium brand offers us...

Exterior design and appearance

First of all, i have to say that the original model CH 3504 was a high-end model with titanium TC4, bearings, "frame lock" and high-end steel S35VN, having a cost that exceeded 80$. Well, now CH has taken that model and made it more affordable for the public, the price has been reduced a lot (less than half the price) in exchange for removing the titanium and using D2 steel (also very good) instead of the S35VN, has also replaced the "frame lock" with a "liner lock", the rest is tremendously similar.

What we have in front of us is a really beautiful knife in design, for me one of the best of CH, although there are others that i also like.

July 30, 2018

Review Harnds CK6119BK Pollux

Review  Harnds CK6119BK Pollux


Harnds is a quality brand that does not bring out too many models, but they tend to make a positive impression on the public who loves knives. Recall some of his successes such as the Viper, Blazer and Talisman models.

Well, just released two new models called Castor and Pollux, basically the same knife but with different blade.

After the last huge success of the Harnds Talisman, let's see what his Pollux model offers us.

Exterior design and appearance

There is no doubt that its look something reminiscent of his previous and successful model Talisman in things like the handle or the opening "flipper" without thumb studs on the blade (i love that aesthetic). Clarify that Pollux is available in 3 colors, orange, green (but then the blade is coated) and black. The one we are analyzing is the one of black color (that necessarily is with non-coated blade as with the orange scales). In this i think they should have taken the 3 colors with both blade ends, coated and satin.

July 18, 2018

Review Sanrenmu 4059 BUC-PH

Review  Sanrenmu 4059 BUC-PH


If you are followers of the reviews on my blog and my YouTube channel, you will know that i am not very likely to acquire small folder or fixed knives, generally preferring larger sizes, so this type of measures do not abound in them.

But this model of Sanrenmu... i had been hypnotized for quite some time, i do not know if by the handle, with that texture that i liked very much, or by the type of locking that it carries or... let's say it had been attracting me for a long time so it’s the time to try it...

Exterior design and appearance

Undoubtedly, i think that there are several things to see, one is the small size of the knife, and another the design of the handle and the "back lock " locking system, one of the strongest there is if it is well done (see my comparison "liner lock" vs "back lock", depends more on the execution quality than the actual lock itself).

In the hand, despite being very small handle, has an acceptable grip thanks to the texture with grooves in G10 although aesthetically highlights especially, of course you can not grab with a whole hand but it helps its design.

July 11, 2018

Review 3 legends of Sanrenmu

Review  3 legends of Sanrenmu

7023 LUC-SA / 7045 LUC-PH-T4 / GB4-913P


Today is a special day in the blog, we are going to do a triple review on 3 authentic Sanrenmu legends.

There are knives that sell a lot, coveted, but a legend is something else, they are classics of a company that have marked their legend with fire. Logically, they must have enough years to achieve that status.