April 21, 2018

Review Land Sanrenmu 910+

Review Land Sanrenmu 910+

March 10, 2018

Review Hx Outdoors TD-01C “the rock”

Review Hx Outdoors TD-01C “the rock”


Hx Outdoors has entered strong in the world of quality chinese cutlery at a low price for a while. Above all it stands out because it has hoarded in some way the market of fixed knives (not folder knives) among other brands.

Today we are going to see a mythical bushcraft knife of the brand, and probably one of the most famous and acclaimed of any brand with which it competes.

Apart from the revision, my objective is to give my opinion on the following sentence that circulates:

"The Hx Outdoors TD-01C “the rock” is the best bushcraft knife for the price you can to buy."

Let's see…

Exterior design and appearance

I think we're all going to agree that visually the knife attracts, enters by sight, it's pretty nice and it looks ergonomic even before you pick it up.

Global view