January 25, 2021

Review SRM 7228

 Review SRM 7228


Today I want to tell you about one of the brands that are giving more to talk about, SRM and its slogan: “stay ready for more”.

What will this new SRM brand bring us? Let's see it with one of its latest models, the SRM 7228.

Let's get started...

Exterior design and appearance

You already know that I like big and blunt knives, but this knife is not, so the question would be, what has attracted me to it? Well, I'm going to answer you:

First of all, I loved it since I saw it in photos, it is the typical “love at first sight”, that modern and cheerful design, the blade with that little blood groove, the interchangeable pocket clip for a system patented by them and of course the “axis lock”, called by SRM “ambi lock”.

If we look at the blade, we will see a classic "drop point", it is a small blade because the knife itself is small, very city-style. I see the blade as elegant and clean, beautiful, perhaps because of the blood groove or the absence of thumb studs, which make the blade appear somewhat longer and give it a cleaner design.

The steel of the blade is another novelty in the new SRM brand, and it is D2 steel with a declared hardness HRC between 59 and 61. So it is another aspect of the knife to be highly valued. You already know that it is one of the most coveted steels for a razor or knife without going to very high-end steels that would skyrocket the price.

 The grind is partial flat type and a tip "drop point" type that for a working knife for city or camping is a good choice. With this folding knife we will not scare anyone if we go hiking and there are other people, it is not aggressive at all.

 I can see that the centering of the blade is perfect.

Comment that there are 3 colors for the handle, yellow, orange and blue, but the blue color is only possible with a coated blade, but since I prefer the blades non-coated (it is only a matter of taste) I have chosen the yellow. The blue is also nice and it also comes with the clip and screws in black to match the blade.


It is worth mentioning an important detail of the knife, another small surprise that SRM brings us apart from the “ambi lock” and the D2 steel, and it is nothing other than the pocket clip. First of all, it is a deep type (deep carry pocket clip), which completely hides the blade, which is something that many people ask for, but the surprise is not that, but they have designed a system, patented by them, with which the clip is interchangeable without using screws or screwdrivers, you can simply switch from one side to the other of the blade by hand. They have called this system “ambi clip”.

 In terms of its dimensions, it is a really light knife and with a very moderate size:


Total length

Blade length

Blade thickness

Scale weight

16.8 cm

6.9 cm

3.1 mm

72.6 gr






In general, in design I would appreciate how happy the folding knife is, it transmits joy and puts a smile on your face. It is like a playful puppy that makes your day, that does not stop jumping when it see you.

Handling and use

The truth is that I see it as a typical EDC, first of all because of the size and weight, perfect to carry all day without realizing it.


To open the knife, having an "axis lock" system or renamed by SRM as "ambi lock", as we can do it by the usual methods, either pull back the handles of the locking system and with a slight touch of the wrist open the knife, or by pushing the blade with your finger on the disk that the blade has on the spine.


The SRM 7228 "axis lock" is one of the best versions I have seen. The opening is smooth, fast and agile, without vertical or horizontal blade play.

The handle is in G10 with a good grip, a texture throughout the handle, that is good because we do not have a very large handle, we must remember the size of the knife.


On the blade we do not have a top jimping, although we can use the opening disk to put the finger and have more grip. The objective of the knife is not for a hard use, but for a knife that does not weigh, that has excellent steel and with a very agile opening, to be taking the knife out, opening it quickly, cutting something, closing it with one hand, keeping it … It is a typical EDC as I said before.

Of course, I have tried to change the pocket clip with SRM's patented system and with our hands we can put it on one side or the other of the handle without any problem.


Final verdict

I have loved seeing first-hand the quality with which SRM wants to start his career, the knife has a very high quality.

You already know that D2 steel is one of the most requested by all for cutlery due to its properties and price. Very good quality of finishes, centering of the blade, opening, sharpening, it is oiled from the factory ...

The summary of this knife is that it is a joy to see and use, with a modern, young and cheerful design. Coupled with a very high quality of materials and construction.


Things that i love

 - It's one of those pieces that I loved since I saw it in photos. Modern and cheerful design.

 - D2 steel is always good news, in addition, it is a steel that the previous brand did not use before.

 - I could not pass up a knife with the brand's “axis lock” or “ambi lock”, with the reputation it has had for making the best version of this locking system from any other chinese brand.

 - I think it is fair to put the pocket clip “ambi clip” in this section, both because it completely hides the knife when using it and because of SRM's patented system to be able to change its position without screws, screwdrivers or tools, just with your hands.


Things I would change

 - It would be great to see this folding knife in a size of about 20 to 21 cm long. But of course, one of its virtues is that of being an EDC, with little weight.




Where to buy it


Official SRM Store

Link: SRM 7228

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