August 12, 2020

Review Kubey KU208


Review Kubey KU208




Since I started with this blog and with my YouTube channel a lot has rained, many new brands have appeared since then, but some of them after their research I have not wanted to try because they did not convey enough confidence. Today I decided to try a model of the Kubey brand, from which I had been observing its models for some time, some with a different and brave design, which pleases me.

Among the brand's models, one of the ones that caught my attention is this one, the KU208 for reasons that I will explain below, join me on this trip...


Exterior design and appearance

 Of course one of the reasons why this particular model appealed to me is because of its design, I really like it. The truth is that I wanted a knife with a recurve blade for a long time, which is an edge with a double curve, in the shape of an “S” to understand us. Although slightly, it has a little kukri shape, and believe me, it is not easy to find that shape in a Chinese knife of any brand.

The blade steel is D2, with a declared hardness of 59-61 HRC, it is one of the most coveted, since it is not a super steel (which would make the price more expensive) but it is above many other steels, of the best that we can find without the price growing exorbitantly. I have seen laboratory analysis of Kubey's D2 steel and they confirm that it is real D2.

The finish of the blade of my version is "stonewash" and I have found a factory sharpening that has been excellent.

The grind chosen for the blade is the partial flat (but almost almost a full flat), which will give it good cutting possibilities, together with that curved part of the blade. Yes, I was surprised by how strong the blade is, with 4 mm thick spine, it is really a lot for a blade that seems to be looking for a good slicer, but I have always liked thick blade spines. Add that it has a very good tip too, penetrating, but at the same time something thin to come from a 4 mm thick spine.

The factory centering of the blade is good and I have tried to capture it in the following image.

I can't say it any other way: I love the blade.

The handle is G10 with an anatomical shape and a stop at the back that prevents the hand from slipping backwards, although the “flipper” also acts as a guard at the front, so the hand will be between the guard and the rear stop making a fairly secure grip. This handle is somewhat reminiscent of some Cold Steel models, as is the blade.

Something that is not seen much is that the pocket clip is black, like the handle, which is appreciated, instead of putting it in reflective metal.

As for the measurements, we are in normal dimensions for what I am used to in this type of folder knives, which usually has between 20 and 22 cm long open, it also has a contained weight:


Total length

Handle length

Blade thickness

Blade length

Scale weight

20.9 cm

12 cm

4 mm

8.8 cm

141 gr


The locking system is a "liner lock", which we will see how it behaves in the use section.

Well, what can I say, that since I saw this knife online in photos I liked it, also you know what I like knives with “flipper” and without thumb studs, attached to that recurve blade that I had wanted for a long time and that I did not found.

Finally, comment on a detail that I always like when I find it on a knife and that rarely happens: the base of the blade that is going to contact the stop cylinder is rounded, which makes them fit perfectly and the base does not "crush”said stop cylinder of the blade, which could occur if the blade base were flat hitting a cylindrical object, since all the energy of the blade when chopping or closing with force is applied to a small area of the cylinder.

 Management and use

To be able to use the knife you first have to open it, and that in this model is a pleasure, we talk about it having ceramic bearings, together with a “flipper”, the opening and closing smoothness is very good. Remember that ceramic bearings are better than steel bearings because they run smoother and don't wear down like steel bearings.

With the blade lock active, the "liner lock" fits over the base of the blade in a good area, I don't like "liner locks" that barely reach the base or that go deep inside, it is in the area that I like, it is well implemented.

Once opened, the handle is anatomical and adapts well to the hand, which will also not slide back or forth through the guard (which is the “flipper”) or the rear stop.

The G10's texture is correct, allowing for a good grip with wet hands.

In the hand, apart from the good grip that the handle allows us, we have a very slight jimping without hump on top of the blade that helps something for the support of the finger but should be somewhat more aggressive.

Final veredict

A design that you like is useless if then you do not use quality materials or good finishes, luckily, here we have it all, an appearance that I love along with quality materials (D2 steel, ceramic bearings) and good adjustments.

My conclusion is that I can add Kubey to the brands I usually buy and they certainly have more models that appeal to me, including several fixed knives that they also make.

If you like the aesthetics it has, you can go for it without fear, it is worth it for its quality, materials, adjustments and finishes.

What I liked the most

- Very good smoothness in the opening thanks to the ceramic bearings and the “flipper”.

- Design, I love the recurve blade reminiscent of kukri, in addition to the flat grind. For me the open blade is beautiful, for my taste.

- The type of steel chosen, D2, seems to me a good option for the price range where it moves. I have researched and verified that it is real D2 steel.

- That the handle has a back stop and a guard (“flipper”).


What I liked less


- I do not like “flippers” with jimping because they usually do some damage to my skin, I prefer plain ones.

- The jimpings of the blade is somewhat soft, I would prefer something more aggressive to improve its grip.





Where to buy it


At the official Kubey store

Link: Kubey KU208

On Amazon Spain

Link: Kubey KU208


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