June 4, 2015

Review Sanrenmu 9063

Review Sanrenmu 9063


Today we present one of the most interesting knife from Sanrenmu, and this is for these reasons:

Based on the acclaimed and famous 763/7063, the same aspect but smaller, this knife is the dream of many people, a super-muscled 763/7063. But if you look closely there isn’t a brand name on the blade, that is because with chinese laws is not possible overcome a certain blade length and to avoid legal problems this model is not marked at all. This is the theory and the information that is circulating. I can not affirm or deny it, but at least it looks like it is made for Sanremu brand.

Exterior design and appearance

As for his appearance, as mentioned before, It is a 763/7063 with a significant larger size. The difference in size is very significant both handle and blade. I really think a handle that you can get the whole hand is very important, so perhaps for it i don’t like very much small knives. The initial 763 model had only black G10 or black aluminum handle and "axis lock" locking system, but with new Sanrenmu changes of recent years it brought model 7063 with the same look of the 763 but with handles of different colors, “liner lock” and aluminum, while later and I guess by popular clamor, the 7063 model came with "axis lock" while not again be available the old model 763 black G10.

Overview Sanrenmu 9063

This model 9063 is like the old model 763 black G10 but with "liner lock" lock, improved the steel used and of course much larger, which was not very difficult since her little sister was smaller than the model 710 from the same brand.

Measures to our star today are 8.8 cm and a total length of 19.9 cm for a weight of 129 grams on our scales. Note that thanks to the "liners" drilled (and quite thin) and probably for the grind used  the weight is quite content.

Honestly, when you examine at first exudes quality in every corner, but nothing is perfect.
But in the beginning you have the feeling of being one step ahead of other quality chinese brands. The knife had been lubricated at the factory, this is not normal, and it is something nice, a drop of lubricant was down pivot screw.

The blade did not bring scratches, handle flawless texture, stains, marks... “liners” polished, very nice (Ganzo or Harnds could learn that), certainly handle grip is superb, aggressive texture of the handle gives one of the best grip i have ever tasted, although the anatomy of the hand is not the best.

Handle detail Sanrenmu 9063
Handle detail

We see a jimping on the handle and another on the blade, but with very soft lines without much grip but very pleasant to the touch.

Regarding the blade, with a protective guard, is made of 8CR14Mov steel, indicating a step up from the usual 8CR13Mov, i must admit that his factory sharpening is better than average, coming shaving sharp. It isn’t very common to find a hollow ground in a tactical blade of this size, but it is in this case, and also is a wide blade, making it a true cutter. The blade near the tip has a big belly making it very sharp at that point, at the cost of lose penetration power. That said, mentioning that the tip is thin and in my opinion, weak. Perhaps one of the weakest or thin tips, visually speaking, i've seen in a knife of this size with tactical aspect.

Grind detail Sanrenmu 9063
Grind detail

Up view Sanrenmu 9063
Tip detail

One thing I liked is that the blade has a rounded crevasse to fit into the lock cylinder, dividing the forces and not damaging the cylinder with something flat. 

Detail of the rounded crevasse for dividing the forces Sanrenmu 9063
Detail of the rounded crevasse for dividing the forces

If we look very closely at the blade i see two manufacturing defects: a few small dots on the blade, i do not know if it’s a bad polished or oxide (cleaning and rubbing it does not go away), and that on one side of the blade is not perfectly polished on the thumb studs zone.

Some spots detected on the blade Sanrenmu 9063

This not mean that the knife is not made with great quality.
The clip, which is reversible only on one side, is a little short and narrow and is somewhat hard, but it's not important.

Pocket clip Sanrenmu 9063
Pocket clip


A pretty smooth management, a great retention, you feel when you closet he blade and it’s very well anchored. The trouble opening the knife is the thumb studs are very near to the handle and that makes and it makes it difficult to open at once.

The locking system “liner lock” (i wish the “axis lock” of its small sisters because Sanrenmu implements it extraordinarily well) works well, the “liner” blocks the blade just at the point it must be, it’s very thin but the “liner” does not have a great curvature and does not have a thinner  part like other thicker "liners". I feel a bit horizontal blade play but something that has surprised me is that I notice a little vertical blade play, I do not know if it yields some when forcé the blocking with hands and i feel it, if you do not use a lot of strength not seen blade play but in other knives as Sanrenmu 710 and Enlan EL04 for instance, with the same force exerted there is absolutely nothing of vertical blade play. If i push deeper with a finger the “liner lock” i can feel how the blade play practically disappears.

System lock detail Sanrenmu 9063
System lock detail

Another thing that could have been avoided is the jimping on the “liner” zone to unlock, is too pointy, I think that the teeth should be milder or shorter, scratch a little the finger.

Final verdict

Great and one of the best knives for the price. Good steel, based on a mythical model of the brand, a beautiful and useful blade. A classic in the world of knives that everyone should have or in small version or in its larger version. But i have a bittersweet feeling to see defects in the polished area of thumb studs and especially with the vertical blade play detected. I can ensure that other comparative models (including from the same company) have absolutely no vertical play by the same test.


- Hollow ground and wide blade, great cutter.

- Very good grip, one of the best textures on the handle i've seen.

- Guard on the handle.

- Good Price for this quality.

- Blade very nice to view and really helpful.

- “Liners” drilled to improve weight.

- Reversible clip.

- Crevasse blade rounded to fit into the lock cylinder, all blades should do so, something round hitting   with something flat is not the best idea.


- It is not the prettiest knife i've seen due to the handle.

- I would have liked a thicker "liner lock", but if you look you will see that when the knife is locked    the "liner" is almost straight, not much bent, and doesn’t have the typical thinner area like other    thicker "liner lock".

- Saddly it doesn’t use an "axis lock" system like the 763/7063 series in wich is based, Sanrenmu    implements it very well.

- Thumb studs too close to the handle, bother opening it with the finger of one stroke.

- Pocket clip is too small.

- It did not like anything to check vertical blade play being locked if i push with some force with two   hands trying to close.


  1. Thanks man, just came across your website.

    Really looking forward to your reviews in the future!

    I have a GR605 at the moment, waiting for my UK-legal H03 to arrive.

  2. Thank you very much. In a short time new knives will be reviewed.

  3. And we will do a Sanrenmu GR605 review too.

  4. Finally a 763 big enough to fit my hand! I bought one of these that has the Realsteel logo etched into the blade. I snagged it off Ebay for $22, which is several dollars less than it usually is. This knife is built like a tank. Absolutely 0% blade play, and sharp as a razor right out of the box. I like everything about it. I'm just wondering why the chose to give it a liner lock instead of the Axis style lock like the 763 has.

    1. Yes, the RealSteel knife E963 for 22$ is a bargain. It would be interesting see it with a axis lock. The Sanrenmu version is razor sharp out of the box too and it hasn't blade play but if you force with your hands with enough force you feel how the lock system slips. And i don't feel that with the same force with other chinese knives. Thanks for your comment.


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